Am I Enough? Comparison and Discontentment; two evils.

Recently, i had different thoughts running through my mind. I was constantly fighting a battle in my mind. I felt i wasn’t good enough, I should have achieved this or that, and and all sorts of feelings. I am 20, yet my life appeared like I had no direction. Following other people’s life on Instagram worsened my situation, as I frequently made comparisons and felt like I was slacking, or far behind. I was constantly thinking, which led to worry about the present and the future. At that point, when i was struggling with myself, something happened. I was discussing with someone and the person said “i wish i was just like you”. That statement really touched me. I realized that inasmuch as i wished to be like others, someone out there looks at me as his dream life. I was out there wishing my life was better, when i should be grateful. Instead of being discontented and ungrateful, I decided to count my blessings. I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, a good school to attend, wonderful parents, siblings and relatives, worthy friends, sound mind, food to eat, physical and mental health, just to mention a few. All these are worth more than gold. Those whom,i compared my life with on the internet, do not have perfect lives. They just make us see what they want us to, they have their different struggles, so do we.

A lot of people are going through this phase. Just remember that your current situation is someone’s wishlist. Everything takes time, you dont need to have your whole life figured out yet, trust the process. Plan, take actions and let God lead u. Be aggressively grateful and know that you are blessed. If you cannot be satisfied with what you’ve reached, be thankful for what you’ve escaped. We have a lot to be thankful for. No matter the house you live in, wouldn’t you rather be there, than in the best hospital in your city?, No matter the type of shoes you have, wont you prefer them to having no legs at all? No matter the type of food you eat, I’m sure its better than starving. Count your blessings at every given opportunity and take some time to reflect on what you have. The most satisfying life is that of a thankful person.

An old saying goes “when you compare what you want with what you have, you will be unhappy. Instead compare what you deserve with what you have and you will discover happiness”. The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself. Nothing gets you behind faster, than keeping up with people who are already there. Richard Evans ” may we never let the things we cannot have spoil our enjoyment of the things we do have”. We feel, we are not as happy as those people, but no one can be happy until he has learnt to enjoy what he has and not worry about what he doesn’t have. Embrace happiness today and let go of discontentment and comparison.

Think of 20 things to be grateful for. You can write them down and thank God for them. Also write a note to people who make you happy, or have influenced you in any way, to tell them you are grateful.

photocredit@zavii9 on Ig

Smile and always be positive

Lots of love❤️

14 thoughts on “Am I Enough? Comparison and Discontentment; two evils.

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  1. Was hit by “no matter the house you live in better than the most expensive hospital in your city” ive seen people write on this same topic but there’s an originality in yours which honestly made the read worth while


  2. This is Wah life is all about!! You keep wishing to be someone else and you don’t know that someone is looking up to being you…

    Lovely piece girlie 💙💙💙


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