Am I Enough? Comparison and Discontentment; two evils.

Recently, i had different thoughts running through my mind. I was constantly fighting a battle in my mind. I felt i wasn't good enough, I should have achieved this or that, and and all sorts of feelings. I am 20, yet my life appeared like I had no direction. Following other people's life on Instagram... Continue Reading →

Currently I’m

Its march already...March came too soon. February just lasted for a minute and then vanished into thin air. Sadly their isn't going to be another February 2018. In one word February was AMAZING. It had it's challenges, but then what is life without challenges? I hope March brings you good tidings. I read a similar... Continue Reading →

Nuggets for an enriching Life.

Growing up, i have seen situations, met people and had challenges which taught me so much about life. Every day comes with its lessons and every situation, whether good or bad comes with its hidden message..As we go through life we should try and learn lessons that serve as bedrock to an enriching life...I will... Continue Reading →

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